Sweden’s first fully-electric powered truck has undergone a registration survey at Swedish Bilprovningen – and has been approved. This is a milestone in the eRoadArlanda development project aimed at achieving the long-term goal of sustainable transport via electrified roads.

“It’s really fun that we now have a full-electric truck made for charging while driving. The technology we use has the potential of becoming an established standard for the electrification of Europe’s roads and is an important step for sustainable road and freight transport in Sweden, “says Hans Säll, chairman of the eRoadArlanda consortium and NCC business development manager.

Potential standard for electrifying roads in Europé
The truck works by transferring energy to the vehicle from a rail in the road by a moving arm, which means that it could also work for passenger cars. The arm knows where the rail is in the road and as long as the vehicle is over the rail, the contact is in down position. The electric package weighs 1 600 kilos, of which the battery weighs 600 kilos. By comparison, the battery of a Tesla Model 6 weigh close to 550 kilos.

Important puzzle piece to reach the goals 2030
“We need to find modes of transport which means less resource utilization and less environmental impact. Electricity and electric vehicles are an important puzzle piece to reach the transport policy goals of a fossil-independent fleet by 2030, “says Hans Säll.

Since 2012, the technology has been tested and developed on a fenced test track outside Arlanda. Planning and preparation is under way to construct a 2 km long public road route between Arlanda and Rosersberg. The route will then be trafficked by the now-checked truck with goods for PostNord.

Checking a vehicle that has not existed previously has a number of challenges, as existing rules can´t be applied directly to new technology and innovation. It has been a long journey with several involved.

“During my 30 years in the industry, this is one of the most exciting and unique inspections I have performed. Hopefully, there will be many vehicles of this kind in the future, and then I will be able to proudly tell future grandchildren that I accepted and approved Sweden’s first, “said Per-Anders Blommefors, Technical Inspector, Engineer at Bilprovningen.

Short facts: Sweden’s first fully electrical powered truck:

  • Brand: Daf
  • Converted by: E-traction
  • Motors: Two hub motors built into the rear axle. Total power of 226 kilowatts (300 hp). They weigh 500 kilo each.
  • Battery: 80 kilowatt hours, weight 600 kilos. (Battery Type Tesla Model 6 close to 550 Kg.)
  • What does not weigh: Engine, power train and a full diesel tank
  • Weight: 18 tons
  • Load: 6.5 tons
  • Emissions: –
  • Driving characteristics: Quiet, better acceleration and stable with low center of gravity

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