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April 2016

Showcasing our solution in Dubai

On April 25-27, Gunnar Asplund, founder of eRoadArlanda’s solution, and his team participated in the UITP MENA Transport Congress in Dubai, where our solution for electrified roads was presented. Asplund also participated in a panel discussion about sus... Läs mer här »

Gunnar Inventor Extraordinnaire

The technology behind eRoadArlanda’s solution for electrified roads is not Asplund’s first invention. He had a successful career at ABB, where he spent nearly 40 years developing technologies on behalf of the company. Upon his retirement in 2009, Aspl... Läs mer här »

March 2016

Seminar on electrified roads

The technology that enables the continuous recharging of a vehicle’s battery through a rail in the road or overhead lines is already in existence. On March 23, a seminar and discussions were held regarding electrified roads as an important piece of the ... Läs mer här »