The technology behind eRoadArlanda’s solution for electrified roads is not Asplund’s first invention.

He had a successful career at ABB, where he spent nearly 40 years developing technologies on behalf of the company. Upon his retirement in 2009, Asplund began pondering the reasons why electric cars are not being used on a larger scale. He quickly identified the issue of short battery spans in present-day electric vehicles and began looking into some potential solutions. He realized that battery charging on the road was the simplest and most efficient solution. Accordingly, it was crucial to design a rail and connection that would be durable and safe, and this resulted in 12 patents.

Thanks to his extensive experience at ABB, where he had developed patents for electrical industries, Asplund was nominated and eventually became a finalist in the European Inventor Award 2015 for the development of HVDC Light®. His high-voltage connections allow for the transmission of high voltages with greater efficiency, which increases the viability of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. The technology behind eRoadArlanda is merely Asplund’s latest contribution to the electrical industry. Bearing in mind his track record, the electrical industry should take note: this time around, Asplund intends to change the way we see transport.

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