Yesterday, eRoadArlanda hosted EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and her delegation at the test track near Arlanda.

It was a bitterly cold but sunny day at the test track, where the only thing ice-free was the electrified road itself, which has built-in heating. Hans Säll, chairman of the eRoadArlanda consortium and Business Development Manager at NCC, gave a presentation of the project, after which Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc took a trip along the electrified road in eRoadArlanda’s fully electric truck.

“The visit had a very positive and relaxed atmosphere. We received an excellent hearing for our technology, which is acknowledged as having real potential for large-scale development. The technology is appreciated not least because aesthetically it blends in well with the environment, it is cost-effective and above all it works for all types of vehicle, not just heavy goods vehicles. The EU’s Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc also pointed out that there is EU funding available for this type of project, encouraging Sweden and eRoadArlanda to make the most of this opportunity to create more demonstration sites,” explains Hans Säll.

The visit was also attended by other key figures, including the Swedish Transport Administration’s Director General Lena Erixon, program manager for electrified roads Jan Pettersson and Head of the European Commission Representation in Stockholm Katarina Areskoug Mascarenhas, plus representatives from the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

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